VERPAN is a licensed manufacturer of designs by famous Danish architect and designer, Verner Panton. The Danish design company is, much like Panton, a product of the Danish design tradition, which have put Denmark on the map for functional, modern and unique design.

Langkaia 1

Cloverleaf Sofa

Modular and customizable, the versatile Cloverleaf Sofa offers infinite seating options and is the ideal piece for projects of all kinds.

Cloverleaf Sofa is also available in an In- & Outdoor version.







Series 430 Collection

The Series 430 Collection includes a chair, bar stool, stool and table. The collection is a study in simplicity with simple clean lines, yet with an amazing attention to comfort, quality and detail.

Available in various frame colours and fabric qualities.






Hive Pendant

Made from multiple concentric shades of varying size, the layered design of the pendant offers a very characteristic and sculptural quality while ensuring a 100% glare-free light. The fixture emits a generous downward light that is complimented by a soft and diffused lateral light. Like with much of Panton’s lighting designs, the unique and expressive idiom of the HIVE pendant demand attention even with the lights off.

Available in polished aluminum or a powder coated version in warm yellow. The new HIVE design is brought to life by VERPAN from Panton’s original sketches and it is the first time the design is put into production.


Flex Chair

FLEX - with exceptional ergonomic features, simple aesthetics and a functional and pragmatic approach to materials, the multi-purpose and stackable FLEX chair is perfect for use in homes, in hospitality, conference and public spaces.







Flying Chair

Half-shell chair to be suspended from the ceiling. Height adjustable for various seating positions. 









Reflect Table Lamp

Reflect is the latest example of great contemporary designs still to be discovered in the Verner Panton archives. The design is brought to life by Verpan from Panton’s original sketches. It is the first time the design is put into production.

With its clean and straight-forward design, Reflect makes an impression wherever it goes. This can be either accented or downplayed by the colour scheme that Verpan has chosen for the design – an attention seeking all red and a more understated grey with satin finish stem. 



Pantop 45

The classic bell-shaped Pantop line was designed by Verner Panton in 1980 and includes table lamps, pendants and a floor lamp.

The charming Pantop has for long been a stable of the Verpan collection. The Pantop line’s idiom is best described as decorative and elegant and a touch more conservative compared to some of Panton’s other work. 

What the new size adds to the Pantop design is presence. The larger diameter makes the Pantop design come into its own in a new way, and makes it stand out from its surroundings. The new size is complemented by two new finishes - a cool grey and a classic antique brass.