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Randers+Radius A/S is a Danish manufacturer of innovative and timeless designer furniture, which is produced at our own factory in Hadsten, Denmark. We collaborate with some of Denmark’s most talented and established architects and together we challenge form and materials and are constantly thinking in new contexts. 

You can find us in: **Arkitektenes hus - Josefines Gate 23**

Josefines gate 34


250 PET bottles


By recycling 250 PET bottles, we have created a material that challenges the “use and throw away” tendencies with a circular life cycle that is both better for the environment and is more economical.

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German Design Award Winner 2019

Eco-friendly seat shell in recycled PP

The dotted texture on the seat is both decorative, reduces marks and has an anti-slippery effect.

MOOD helps you to create the right atmosphere and the right environment for your surroundings.

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We love colours

Our colours are attuned to Nordic simplicity and international elegance. The shades range from cool to warm tints. 

The colours can be combined in a harmonic play of colours among the furnishings. They lend an edge to natural materials and softness to cool materials like steel and glass. 

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Adapts to the shape of its occupant

The shell of the DRY chair is molded in PUR rubber with in-molded steel structure. When unused the DRY chair is straight and flat, but when used it adapts to the shape of its occupant thanks to the inherent flexibility of its shell.

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Push the release button and the legs fold.

The super easy release button and the integrated wheels makes it possible for just one person to stack and move TUBE Fold.

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Contributes to good room acoustics

The pur material ensures peace and quiet and provides the same warmth as an upholstered seat.

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