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Showroom: Arkitektur- og designhøgskolen i Oslo AHO
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This family-owned company founded in 1977 is led by Helena and Rolf Brunner and, in the second generation, by Dr Marc Brunner and Philip Brunner. Brunner has more than 500 employees. Its business segments include developing, producing and marketing high-quality chairs, tables and contract furniture for office and administrative buildings, public spaces, care and health facilities. "A passion for excellent furniture and the drive and ability to do what seems impossible in our customers' eyes are the foundations on which this company has been built from the outset."

Maridalsveien 29


An extraordinary blend of materials: halm.

Practical chairs often have practically no design, but halm is changing all that. An extraordinary mixture of fine wood and practical plastic speaks an organic, clear design language. But as it isn’t simply too beautiful to be true, it is the ideal furnishing solution for all requirements in the hospitality and care sectors.


A chair, made as if all of a piece: ray.

ray is a combination of firmness
and softness – all in one chair. An
aluminium connection between
the foot and the seat gives you a
completely new form of mobility.
Solid, yet graceful. Firm, yet so soft.
For meetings, telling stories – or
for thinking.


Providing pure relaxation: ray lounge.

If you're often feeling the heat, why not just chill out? This armchair knows exactly what your back needs and adapts to it perfectly. So, put your feet up, relax and recharge your batteries.


For fans of soft styles: ray soft.

From elegant to cosy: the modularity of this range makes numerous applications possible. Conferences, restaurants, cafeterias or offices: ray soft fits in anywhere. And so will you.


 For an office without the daily grind: cellular.

cellular redefines working – modular, combinable, gorgeous. The design facilitates focussed work. Or even collaborative. Think first then talk. Or vice versa. Or both at the same time. Welcome to the smallest open-plan office in the world.


Brightening up outdoor spaces: crona steel

crona steel is the perfect outdoor chair that suits any outdoor environment and defies the weather, including the version with seat cushions. With water-resistant cushions made from our own range of fabrics, the right theme can be achieved on any terrace or balcony.


Clean design with interesting focal points: crona.

Separation doesn't have to be painful. With crona in fact, it's a good thing: A dividing seam between the upper back section and the lower seat area gives the full upholstery a unique look. The easy chair with bi-colour upholstery or in a combination of fabric and leather is particularly refined looking. Distinctive: beautiful.