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The inspiration for the Zen Collection by Axel Bjurström comes from Zen gardens. One of the fundamental elements in a zen garden is gravel or sand that is raked in harmonious patterns and formations to play the part of water and mountains.

The Zen Collection is hand tufted in 100% uncoloured high quality wool from New Zealand and is available in five natural shades.


Ogeborg is a family-owned business in Sweden. For over five decades and for two generations we have shared our expertise and passion for honest high quality materials and textile floors. Everything we do, we do with a great attention to detail and with a deep understanding of the tactile values a carpet or rug requires to be long lasting and timeless.

A textile floor does not only make the world softer, it also helps to define an interior or the function of a room. It can set the tone for an entire space or play a small modest part by enhancing the feeling and mood.