CPH SQUARE is a design studio founded in Copenhagen in 1997. With our urban and daring designs we will retain the courage to think outside the box and bravely continue to take a different approach.
Nothing is close to being just square at CPH SQUARE.
We are continuously working on adding new designs and  functions  often in close collaboration with clients that have expressed  specific requirements.


Pure Color is like taking a breath of fresh air. The uncompromising  design is defined by pure graphic lines with  merry laminate colors. It is framed by the warmth of dark oak and offers a beautiful sense of peace.


Travel Kitchen is like no other - it is design in motion cut down to the bone. You can move it around in your home, outside on a sunny  day and even take it with you if you decide to seek out the sun elsewhere. Comes in a broad range of designs and colors.

Cph Steel is derived from the same idea as TRAVEL KITCHEN but scaled up to a fully functional kitchen. Raw and edgy on the outside and on the inside you might find cheeky colors and wood. It can be fully customized to your needs and likes.

We were very proud to be chosen as the supplier for Noma FoodLab. As you probably are aware Noma has for a staggering four times been awarded as the world’s best restaurant. Guess when our stuff is good enough for Noma it is likely to be good enough for others too.

Dusky Grey is a no nonsense kitchen with an industrial appearance. Here it is shown in dead matt lacquer. The tall unit is in a deep dark grey with a contrasting pale white island. You can of course choose whatever colors you like best. 

Pure Pine is a design with reference points to New Nordic. The vivid pine wood is gently refined by hand to enhance its natural structure. The aim is to create bright spaces and surfaces that stimulate your senses. Uncompromising Danish Design.

Smoked Wood is a refined ALL BLACK design. The smoked oak is  meticulously selected by our skilled craftsmen. The veneer is carefully sewn and lain so the structure and veins of the wood adds subtle character to your home.

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All Black is a potent masculine design. With prominent embedded handles and the dark stain hand rubbed into the beautiful ash wood creating a matt and deep finish it will make a powerful statement in most surroundings.