Engelbrechts A/S is a Danish furniture manufacturer established in 1989 and working in close collaboration with designers and other specialists to develop modern and timeless furniture for the perceptive and quality-conscious user.

Behind the development of all Engelbrechts’ furniture is an experienced designer. They all work with the philosophy to create aesthetic, sculptural and functional furniture - where everything superfluous is cut away.

Aktiviteter Public Sunday 11.00 - 16.00

We look forward to welcoming you on Public Sunday, where all our porducts will be displayed. 

Nedregate 7

POISE shelving system designed by Anders Hermansen. 

POISE is a flexible shelving system based on T-modules making it a versatile system perfect for the office as well as the living room. 

JOINT desgined by Anders Hermansen in Yellowstone leather. 

Choose a chair to fit the specific need. On wheels or gliders, with or without armrests, or with the capability to tilt to ensure flexible seating comfort.