Thorsønn AS

Telefon: 98093855

THORSØNN is a collaboration between a husband and wife team based in Oslo. The idea was born when Jennifer, an interior architect, and Halvor, an industrial designer, dreamt of furniture that was not present in the market. Products that functionally satisfied their needs as a growing family, yet aesthetically meet their tastes for simplicity & design.

To ensure the quality of their products they decided to use Norwegian craftspeople, this also contributes to maintaining traditional techniques for future generations.

All raw components also come from Norway. For example, our standard fabric is from Gudbrandsdalens, a Norwegian producer with a 100 year old history, specializing in wool.

Ull&Eik Bed

The base unit is compiled of four drawers which are fitted with a bed frame. The bed frame is attached to an upholstered headboard and solid oak bedside tables. Each bedside table has its own hidden outlet for charging your phone while you sleep and a small drawer for personal items. This is a 'made to order' product, so please contact us regarding pricing information and configuration possibilities. The beds are designed and made in Norway.

Ull&Eik Sofa

It seems to us that everyone needs more storage where they work and live. Whether you have a family or live alone, have a large or small living space, there is just never enough space to put away your stuff. There is also the annoying problem of where to charge your growing number of electronics. Wouldn't it be great if the outlet and the wires could all be hidden, but at the same time perfectly accessible?


Nabo is a hand-made lounge chair that is light weight and comfortable. It is made of solid oak with a woven seat made of paper twine. The armrests are just wide enough to place a cup of tea and sturdy enough to support yourself while getting in or out of the chair. The Nabo fits nicely within a home environment or could also be placed in a commercial reception. The back is as carefully considered as the front so that the chair can sit anywhere in the room.