Green Furniture Concept

Telefon: +46 761 260 260

Showroom: Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo
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Green Furniture Concept makes sustainable design for public interiors. Configurably winding, seamless seating and acoustic lighting from Green Furniture can be found in places like the waiting area at Stockholm Central Station and many schools around the Nordic Countries

Fossveien 24



The Radius Series solid metal dividers, planters and recycle bins are designed with the Green Furniture Concept seating series Nova C and IOU in mind, but also work very well as stand-alone products.



Space dividers attached to the Green Furniture Nova C Back modular seating. Seamless, and with curvature of choice just like the seating. If the seating row is reconfigured, the dividers will follow. Read more about the Nova C Back here.

The Radius divider comes with cut out holes for a see-through effect (custom patterns possible) or plain which gives a surface where a message or image can be applied.

Material: Solid, powder coated steel (color of choice)



Our most recent seating series, the signature curvature of IOU allows grand configurations in scale with grand interiors. IOU is a beautiful example of urban design with an upcycled wood story. The bench shapes a seamless seating line that enables natural flow control. Small footprint and endlessly configurable - every project can be unique.



A soft and natural ambiance shaper both visually and acoustically. Foliage of wool felt that absorbs sound (A-class) and radically improves the speech perception in a room. Grand light trees in scale with grand interiors as well as pendants and standing lamps of ø80 cm and ø130 cm.



The Leaf Lamp Tree is a tree-size standing lamp for public indoor spaces. The branches shape a magnificent crown foliage (Ø130 / Ø230 / Ø300 / Ø400 cm or custom size up to Ø600 cm for special projects).