A first class product is a whole whose parts are in balance. The design gives the furniture something extra and creates a product which either fascinates with its beauty or offers an exceptional function.
To create a good product, materials of high quality as well as an uncompromising attitude is needed in every link in the chain: furniture frame making, padding and upholstery work.
The seams, the stitching and the softness tell much about the product, but its true character doesn’t come out until you have tested it out and used it for a while. The soft piece of furniture provides flexibility and support in the right places. You can feel the structure embedded in the furniture when sitting on it. The quality that remains invisible to us comes from craftsmanship and pride.
Since the beginning of its activity Adea has manufactured functional products of high quality which also are realized practically.
The Adea products are developed and improved with pride and toughness during the company’s twenty-year history. The family owned company’s determined policy in making its own collection has borne fruit – we are known of our timeless and contemporary furniture.

Stortingsgaten 28


Mats Broberg & Johan Ridderstråle: sofas Baron, Basel and Bon, chair Bonnet, table Plateau

 Alexander Lervik: sofa and chair MrJones

Pinja Rouger and Riikka Kantinkoski: shelf Botanic shelf