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EFG is a leading manufacturer of interior office solutions. With sustainable design at our core since 1885, EFG European Furniture Group delivers excellence with product inspired by Scandinavian design.
We believe in interior solutions that are flexible and image building, stimulate interaction, enable fast communication and encourage new ways of working and meeting.

Maridalsveien 29

EFG Create is a multifunctional and modular storage and seating system designed to enhance its surroundings and inspire creative expression. With unlimited configuration possibilities the EFG Create could act as a divider or built to suit your needs. With the freedom to fuse materials and colours the choices are infinite.

EFG Navi is a small, elegant table for flexible office environments. Laptop-height, and with a turnable top, it fits perfectly both in the lounge or reception area. EFG Navi matches EFG Create Seating in colours and finishes but also does just as well with other sofas.

EFG Mingle is a new multifunctional and modular seating system designed to enhance its surroundings and create versatile and useful spaces. With several seat and back modules you can get just the space you want for your needs.